3 Great Advantages of Using a Garden Rainwater Tank

Have you noticed how the rainfall and climate patterns have chenged in recent years? Although you cannot do so much about it, you can take advantage of such natural occurrences. When you experience tighter water restrictions and higher bills, maybe it is high time for you to consider installing a garden rainwater tank at home.

If you want a solution to reduce your rising water expenses, installing one can potentially give you an estimated 100,000 L of harvested water for the entire year. Imagine how much that would help for your budget.

By installing a tank, you are taking a small step towards becoming self-reliant and a huge contributor to resolving the current environmental crisis the world is facing today. By using rainwater in flushing your toilets and washing your clothes, for example, you get to reduce your need to consume water from main sources.

Know more about the advantages of having a garden rainwater tank Australia has installed at home.


With this tank, you can spend less on potable water as you can instead harvest your own at home. When you get water from a natural source such as rain, you can expect a clear, odourless liquid with less dissolved solids and no human pathogens, toxins, or heavy metals. As a matter of fact, drinking rainwater is entirely safe. However, just make sure that your tanks are tightly sealed to prevent mosquitoes from using it for breeding. Nonetheless, you still have to consider disinfecting solutions if you choose to drink water from your garden rainwater tank.


If you do have a deep concern for nature, then installing a rainwater harvesting system is definitely a favourable choice for you. Not only will you get to reduce your water bills or perhaps have an alternative water supply especially during water crisis, but you also get to maintain a healthy garden. Depending on the size of your area and the climate, you can reduce your main water usage by 100 percent. This will result in reduced need for desalination plants and new dams, which you might know can cause a huge damage to the ecosystem. Furthermore, by installing a garden rainwater tank in Australia, you are helping to protect the remaining river environments in the country and potentially reduce operating costs for infrastructure. Rainwater harvesting also decreases runoff, thereby reducing local flooding. Click here for Tank Walls


You are no stranger to the hot summer days in Australia, and during these times, water seems scarce. However, if you have a garden rainwater tank with a capacity of 20,000 L or more, you will have enough supply for laundry, kitchen, and bathroom purposes. On a different note, if you choose to use an electric pump as part of the system, you can check your local council for rebates offered. Rebates are available from Australian states, territories, and local governments. This, however, depends on the tank volume and the type of household.

Harvesting rain is a great sustainable source of water. This is an environment-friendly and cost-effective option for many households everywhere. For the best garden rainwater tank Australia has to offer, you can check out Taylex Industries Pty Ltd. For more information, visit at http://www.tankwalls.com.au/

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