Improve Your Kitchen Look by Choosing the Best Kitchen Benchtops in Melbourne

These days kitchens are more or less ‘living areas.’ Besides being a cooking area, you can eat at the kitchen and have some chat time with family and friends. Having the right furnishings can enhance these additional functionalities of the kitchen. Besides cabinets and appliances, benchtops can truly spice up the look on your kitchen. There are many types of kitchen benchtops Melbourne can offer. In fact, there are hundreds of styles out there, and choosing the right one can be a real battle – ‘battle of the benches.’ The good thing is, you’ll definitely find the exact style you are looking for since you have a wide range to choose from. This article provides some tips on choosing kitchen benchtops Melbourne offers. It will make selection much easier for you.

Kitchen benchtops Melbourne


The amount of money you have will determine the type of kitchen benchtop you’ll get. Stone, granite and other solid surfaces cost more than laminate. However, they have greater durability and better resale value – a factor that will be of great importance when you’ll be selling your home. Other characteristics of materials determine the cost as well. For instance, a non-porous material might be a little bit expensive since it does not absorb liquids, mould and bacteria.


Some kitchen benchtops can be quite costly to maintain. For instance, you need to regularly reseal a granite surface. If you want to keep the maintenance costs low as well as the cleaning hassle, surfaces with seamless characteristics can be a great choice.


There endless Melbourne kitchen designs. The design of your kitchen benchtop will depend on your taste and preference. But keep in mind that the nature of the material can affect flexibility of the design. Man-made solid surfaces can offer numerous design possibilities. Granite and stone, on the other hand, are quite rigid leaving you will less design options.


You want to get a durable benchtop for your kitchen, especially if you plan to stay in the house for a while. With a durable surface you’ll be able to offset replacement costs for a number of years. Some surfaces can cost you a hand and foot if a mere chip or crack appears; gloss kitchen Melbourne benchtops are good examples.

Color choice

Before you make you decision, take time and look at the color theme in your kitchen. A benchtop that matches with the color of other furnishings and appliances in your kitchen will enhance the harmony. Also, consider the color of the doors, the walls and the amount of light in the space. Some materials, such as white gloss kitchens Melbourne options, offer standard set of color range. However, others like timber offer unlimited color range.


Factor in the space available for the benchtop installation. You don’t want to have an overly large benchtop such that there is barely no space to cook or too tiny that there’s no space for pots. Make sure you get a functional kitchen benchtop. Kitchen benchtops Melbourne offer come with different profiles ranging from pencil to beveled edges. Most companies provide customized profiles so you can get the shape and size that is suitable for your kitchen.

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